How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?


Most of us know the dollar amount of our monthly electrical bills. And we probably realize that that kilowatt-hours are shown somewhere on our bill.

Meanwhile solar panels are measured in watts. It’s not kilowatt-hours, but, with a few calculations, we can get from one to the other.

But then when it comes to buying a solar installation, we’re talking about dollars again. And one company will say that a house needs a certain sized-system for $15,000, while a second company will look at the same property, and say that it needs a different-sized system, for $20,000. How do we get these numbers to make sense?

This site will show how to use two popular web pages to arrive at a very accurate estimate of the solar installation needed to address a specific electrical bill. We will then share a few thoughts on how an install might be bid.

Converting Utility Bill $$$ to Kilowatt-Hours